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50 years of experience Crim & Sons Paving is a full service site preparation and asphalt paving company serving East Central Indiana for over 50 years. Our company prides itself on satisfying customers with a quality product completed in a timely fashion at competitive prices. We have accomplished this by combining "state of the art" equipment with a knowledgeable and highly skilled labor force.

The most important part of any property improvement project is to select a reputable contractor. We work closely with homeowners, general contractors, business owners and property managers to increase the value of their property with a paving project that is durable, functional and attractive. Our approach is to educate and collaborate with the customer throughout the process - supporting them before, during and after a project. This enables the customer to make confident decisions about their project.

The crew Here are some additional reasons why you should choose Crim & Sons Paving for your next project:

  • EXPERIENCE - With over 50 years of experience, Crim & Sons Paving provides you with talented and knowledgeable resources dedicated to providing the highest quality services.
  • SEAMLESS PROJECT MANAGEMENT -Your estimator not only works with you to design your project, he also manages and supervises every aspect until its completion. This ensures that your needs communicated to us at the beginning of the process are delivered to you as promised.
  • BEST PRACTICES - We follow industry best practices for site preparation and asphalt paving. For example, we take great care in surface preparation to ensure uniform thickness of pavement. Furthermore, we follow industry best practices regarding paving thickness.
  • NO PRESSURE SALES - We will not pressure you into a sale or harass you with repeated phone calls. We understand that it takes time to make a decision of this magnitude.
  • LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED - Our employees and families live and work in the communities we serve. We take pride in improving our communities and neighborhoods.pic
  • DEDICATED ASPHALT PLANT - We have our own production facility producing Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA). This ensures that you get the right asphalt mix every time, as specified in your contract.

Our philosophy here is simple. We believe in building one-on-one relationships with every single customer. Whether you are on a small budget or are able to allocate thousands of dollars to a large job, you can count on our personalized service each and every time.

The next time you need something paved, whether is a driveway, a parking lot, or your private road, contact the professionals at Crim & Sons Paving. Please feel free to visit our services page for more information and contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Indiana Counties

Serving East Central Indiana for the past 50 years including
Shelby, Rush, Hancock, Marion, Johnson,
Bartholomew, Decatur, Franklin, Union, Fayette,
Wayne, Henry, and Madison County.

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