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Serving residential customers since 1961, Crim & Sons Paving brings unparalleled knowledge and experience to your next paving project. Whether it is new construction of a driveway or fixing a driveway that already exists, we have the equipment and experience to come in and get the job done right. Attention to detail means you can be assured your driveway will be the envy of the neighborhood.
You need not sacrifice quality for quantity. Large scale projects require an efficient crew and dependable equipment. Crim & Sons will meet with the owner to survey your lot to figure parking, enhance the exits, and to figure out the correct way to properly drain the water off of your lot. For larger projects we can also figure out a way to properly budget or break down your entire project into multiple smaller projects that we will be able to get done in a certain time period. Trust your next parking lot project to the crew at Crim & Sons, who bring personalized care and service to commercial-sized projects and customers.
Crim & Sons Paving is pre-qualified with the state of Indiana and is approved to do state and city projects. Milling the streets down to the correct height before paving is an option that we are more than capable of taking care of. When doing this kind of job it is important to take the time to clean the streets, edge the grass that is overhanging to make a straight line, and to kill the weeds that are were an eyesore to the road previously. We also use adjustable manhole insets for manholes and drains to make for the best usable road possible.

With the increased popularity of walking paths and golf over the past 10 years, Crim & Sons has done their part to be able to complete this kind of job. We own our own cart path paver and have smaller trucks that weigh less to be able to do paths between 5 and 9 feet wide without damaging your property. We do these paths the same way we do a driveway (dig out, lay the stone base, and lay the asphalt base) just at a smaller width. We have done the cart paths at Hawk's Tail in Greenfield and Bear Chase in Shelbyville.

We can also help out to take care of the sporting parts of your life. We can pave basketball courts (half-court or full) as well as tennis courts (one personal court or multiple courts like at a high school) and running tracks. Crim & Sons can also help to set you up in getting these areas finished with the necessary lines and surfaces to make them official.

Asphalt fading and cracking? Resurfacing may be the solution. By repairing stressed areas and adding a new layer of fresh asphalt, you can turn an asphalt eyesore into an investment you'll be able to enjoy for years.

Sometimes starting from scratch is best if your previous asphalt was not done right the first time. Extremely worn or damaged asphalt may also require a complete removal and replacement. Rebuilding from the ground up ensures a durable job ready to stand the test of time.

Is a growing family or business putting pressure on a limited parking area? Ask about making the space more useable by widening or lengthening. The estimators at Crim & Sons Paving will tailor the space to meet your unique demands while staying within your budget.
Commit to quality. Crim & Sons offers maintenance services to all our previous asphalt paving customers. Seal coating is an investment that will save you thousands and enhance the look of your property with a fresh, new looking appearance, while restoring vital oils to your asphalt and preventing water from penetrating your asphalt.
picture STRIPING
What good is a parking lot if no one knows where to park? Striping is the icing on the cake that really puts a finishing touch on your new or newly renovated parking lot. We can meet with you to include the striping of your lot in the quote and we can meet any specifications no matter how big or small or unique.
picture AG LIME
When winter comes around and we are not able to pave, Crim & Sons can help the local farmers in the area by offering the spreading of Ag lime in their fields. We have a modern floater spread truck that minimizes the compaction of the soil in your fields to cause minimal damage when spreading. We also are set up for GPS to accurately control where we apply the lime to maximize the effect. Although we don't set up the GPS programs like agriculture companies, we can spread the already set up GPS programs done in advance.

Not exactly ready or too big of a driveway or lot to have paved? We can deliver stone to your job to dump or we can also evenly spread crushed stone that can make for a usable lot or driveway. Paving is our first priority here at Crim & Sons, but we understand people's needs and adhere to those needs.

Serving East Central Indiana for the past 50 years including Shelby, Rush, Hancock, Marion, Johnson,
Bartholomew, Decatur, Franklin, Union, Fayette, Wayne, Henry, and Madison County.

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